The cuban coffee is cultivated under different circumstances than in many other places in South America As the coffee bushes normally would be scolded in the hot sun, all of them are placed in the shade under large palm trees in the mountainous areas of Cuba, which makes it possible to sustain the production.

The coffee is primarily cultivated in four mountainous areas in Cuba. Every area has its own unique microclimate and in combination with the very high humidity in Cuba, the coffee gets its characteristics.

The four primary regions for coffee cultivation, as marked with red in the photo, are:

Pinar del RíoSierra del Rosario
Santi SpíritusEscambray
Santiago de Cuba/GranmaSierra Maestra
GuantánamoSierra Maestra

The plantations do not consist of long rows of coffee bushes, but the bushes are scattered around in the shade, as it is shown in the photos under the crop.