The production of coffee in Cuba happens in the “old school manner”. A few old machines are used, but the main part of the production is done manually.

After the beans are received in the roasting house they need to be quality checked. A number of samples are taken and are examined for moisture and the size of the beans.

Since the coffee beans origins from several different plantations they need to be mixed and roasted in small portions to determine the optimal mixture to ensure the final product always maintain the same high quality level.

After the optimal mix has been determined the beans are roasted in large drums, and during this process the natural oils and flavors in the beans are enhanced.

After the roasting the beans need to be cooled down. This process is critical, as the beans shouldn’t be cooled for tool long time. Since the coffee beans now contain all of their natural flavors these flavors evaporate if the beans are left ”outside” too long.

After the cooling process has ended the coffee is ready to be packed either in whole beans or finely grounded.

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